Ferry terminal

Herjólfur sails from Landeyjahöfn to Vestmannaeyjar which is located on the south of Iceland.

You can both drive to Landeyjahöfn by a regular car (no 4×4 car is needed) or you can take the bus, if you are travelling from Reykjavik, you can go from the Mjódd,bus terminal to Landeyjahöfn. For additional information regarding the bus schedule, please call +354 540 2700 or visit their website here

Parking is ofcourse free for our passengers in Landeyjahöfn harbour.

It is important that passengers arrive at the check-in no later than 30 minutes before the advertised time of departure. All tickets are scanned before boarding.

Five minutes prior to the departure, access to the ferry is closed.

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Siglingaáætlun í Landeyjahöfn

Vestmannaeyjar brottför: Landeyjahöfn brottför:
07:00 - Alla daga 08:15 - Alla daga
09:30 - Alla daga 10:45 - Alla daga
12:00 - Alla daga 13:15 - Alla daga
14:30 - Alla daga 15:45 - Alla daga
17:00 - Alla daga 18:15 - Alla daga
19:30 - Alla daga 20:45 - Alla daga
22:00 - Alla daga 23:15 - Alla daga