Due to the strike by subordinates at Herjólfur upcoming Tuesday and Wednesday (14th and 15th of July) we would like to point out to those passengers who need to travel to or from Vestmannaeyjar to do it sooner than later.

A representative of the members of the Seamen´s Association rejected the invitation of the Board of Directors of Herjólfur ohf. No further meetings have been called at this point, so it´s clear that a strike is scheduled for next week as the Seamen´s Association has called. If things change we will give out an announcement.

A strike like this sets its mark on the entire community unfortunately. If customers would like to convey their suggestions, they can contact us by sending us an email at or contact us via phone at +3544812800 and contact the next manager.

Sailing schedule to Landeyjahöfn

Vestmannaeyjar brottför: Landeyjahöfn brottför:
07:00 - Everyday 08:15 - Everyday
09:30 - Everyday 10:45 - Everyday
12:00 - Everyday 13:15 - Everyday
17:00 - Everyday 18:15 - Everyday
19:30 - Everyday 20:45 - Everyday
22:00 - Everyday 23:15 - Everyday