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Measures due to Covid-19

Dear passengers

In light of the current situation due to Covid-19, Herjólfur ohf would like to point out a few things.

If passengers in quarantine or with flu symptoms intend to travel they must let us know before arriving at the ferry.

A face mask is mandatory on board and it is important to use the mask correctly. The mask should cover both mouth and nose. Face mask are sold at our offices.

If passengers want to use the ferry's accommodation when they need to sail to Þorlákshöfn, everyone must bring their own equipment as well as be responsible for cleaning the accommodation.

Use the processor on our card or use the phone or watch.

Book a ticket at www.herjolfur.is and get it sent by e-mail.

Let's try our best to maintain the distance limit.

The ferry's cafeteria has been temporarily closed, but water and drinks will be available. If sailing to Þorlákshöfn, restaurant sales are minimal.

Wash and disinfect hands regularly.

A few points about using a face mask:

According to an advertisement by the Ministry of Health, face masks must meet the requirements of the European Standards Association (CEN).

Multi-purpose masks must contain at least three layers to be considered safe.

Homemade masks or buffs are not safe.

Passengers wearing a surgical mask are advised to turn the blue side of the mask outwards.

Passengers aged 15 and under are not obliged to wear masks, but are of course allowed to do so.

Our passengers must wear face masks from the time they board and until they disembark.

Face masks are for sale in our sales houses for 300 ISK each.

Passengers who feel unable to wear a mask for health reasons are asked to inform the crew before boarding.

The mask must cover both the net and the mouth.

Below is a link to a website where you can find more information about wearing face masks:


Individuals who do not wear a mask will be denied access to the ferry!

The Office of the Attorney General has now published instructions on the office's website, stating that violations of the current disease control rules could result in fines in the range of ISK 100-500 thousand.

Replaces the previous instructions of the Office of the Public Prosecutor, which entered into force on March 27, according to the then applicable disease control rules.

Violation of the obligation to ensure that it is possible to have at least two meters between individuals who do not share a home, can result in a fine of 100 to 500 thousand ISK, which must be determined according to the seriousness of the violation. The fine is paid by the representative / organizer of the activity or meeting in question.

Violations of the rules on the use of face masks are punishable by a fine of the same amount as the aforementioned violation, taking into account its seriousness, but the penalty applies to the individual who does not respect the rules on the use of face masks.

Due to stricter measures due to the virus the passenger quantity is limited. Therefor it´s not given the the ferry has available tickets for either vehicles or passengers in each journey, since some journeys´s capacity may already be fully booked. Therefor we always recommend booking in advence.

Regarding quarantine:

If individual is quarantined or shows flu symptoms, needs to travel between the mainland and Vestmannaeyjar, they must contact Alma Ingólfsdóttir via phone 8684378 or via email almai@herjolfur.is before departure. It is important to fully follow the instructions of the officer when arriving at the ferry. Herjólfur ohf places great emphasis on taking the utmost care due to the virus and wants to take, and show social responsibility regarding the virus. Please help us.

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